Mindful Reminders

A few mindful reminders to incorporate into your day to day life. 

  • Breath - whenever you feel slightly stressed, take your focus back to your breath, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation. A great exercise that I love to do is, breathing in for four counts, holding for seven and exhaling for 8 counts. Repeat this exercise 4 fours during your day whenever you start to feel slightly overwhelmed or anxious. 


  • Drink Up - Fill your water bottle up and make sure you keep hydrated throughout your day. Make it your goal to drink your whole water bottle before lunch and twice again after lunch. 


  • Sleep Deep - ensuring you are getting a restful nights sleep, aim to get to bed at around 10pm so that you can get a full 8 hrs sleep. 


  • Eat Mindfully - every time you eat ensure that you are seated, present and aware. Avoid eating on the go. 


  • Move your body - make sure you are doing some form of exercise for at least 30 mins each day. Even if it a walk in your lunch break, it is better than nothing 


  • Smile - remember that you are never fully dressed without a smile! 


Hope you all have a wonderful day! 



Photo Credit - Pinterest