5 Destress Techniques

Ever feel like your brain is on overdrive? Too many tabs open? and on the verge of tears and a meltdown? 

Don't worry we have all been there!

There is so much pressure to perform and exceed expectations in today's society; however, when our internal stress levels rise above average, we do sadly become less productive and the quality of our work can decrease rapidly.

5 Simple Ways to Decrease Stress: 

  • Walk away from the situation; step outside in the fresh air and go for a short 15 min walk, to clear your mind. 
  • Write down the tasks that you need to compete in order of priority, being able to visualise the tasks you need to compete is really important 
  • Turn off social media and phone notifications that are not important - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Personal Emails. These things can wait, and often they can distract us from the present moment 
  • Drink 2.5 - 3 Liters of water, often when stressed we forget to drink, making it difficult for us to think clearly. 
  • Turn off the tabs on your internet browser and stop multi-tasking, just focus on completing one task at a time 




Photo Credit: @harleyqinnandco 

Allie Veall