5 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

There are a vast number of gut health-related conditions that have arisen in the last century. Which have had a negative impact on peoples wellbeing. Getting your gut health back on track can be a challenge, however, below are a few simple steps to nourish and restore your gut and digestive tract.

5 Ways to Improving Gut Health 

  • Remove Gluten - The wheat we consume today is vastly different to wheat products we consumed a century ago. This genetically altered wheat grain contains far more gluten than the original grain, and as a result, our bodies aren't used to breaking down the quality we are consuming. Wheat or any other food containing gluten can cause damage to your intestinal walls within your gut, leading to a spike in autoimmune disease and additionally leaky gut issues. I recommend if you are experiencing gut issues to remove gluten.


  • Ditch the Sugar - Artifical sweeteners such as sugar are one of the biggest causes of gut health imbalance. Our gut is full of  bacteria, which is good and bad.  Sugar feeds bad bacteria in the gut and causes overgrowth, when our gut contains more bad bacteria than good bacteria it causes inflammation. 


  • Whole Food Diet - If your grandmother hasn't heard of the ingredient that its not for you. The number of artificial packaged foods in today's society is frightening. I recommend consuming a wholefood based diet full of dark leafy greens, fruits, whole grain, fish and grass-fed meats, which are energising and fulfilling. A great question to ask yourself before consuming food, is how is this going to nourish me, physical and mentally? and if you don't know then perhaps its not for you. Everytime we eat is a time to nourish our bodies and give our bodies energy. 


  • Meditate Daily - They say that our gut is like our second brain. A vast amount of underlying stress is stored in the gut and as a result, whenever we feel overwhelmed often our gut can become unbalanced. I recommend incorporating a daily meditation practice into your morning or late afternoon, to relieve this stress. You can find my favourite meditation app here) 


  • Apple Cider Vinegar Daily - Enjoy a lukewarm glass of apple cider vinegar before each meal, this helps with digestive health. 


  • Good Luck! 
Allie Veall