How to Naturally Beat the Bloat

Bloating is an abnormal gas swelling which can make us feel abdominal pain, sluggish and tired. Sadly today many of us can experience bloating far to often, as it can be linked directly to foods we consume and also underlying stress in the body. 

5 Ways to Naturally Beat the Bloat

1. Remove Gluten and Dairy Products - from your diet diary and gluten have been found to cause immediate bloating in our abdominals for many people, so you may want to consider removing them from your diet. 

2. Take a Probiotic - a live bacteria is fantastic for digestive health as it can help to break down foods and additionally helps to absorb nutrients.

3. Slow Down - Avoid eating on the go, try and commit to sitting down and enjoying meals rather than rushing. Focus on chewing every mouthful and connecting with the present moment. Our digestive system struggles to break down foods when we are stressed. 

4. Take ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) - 1 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water 20mins before a meal can do wonders for your digestive track and bloating symptoms. 

5. Tea - Sip on Chamomile and Ginger Tea throughout the day it helps to ease stomach pains. 





Photo Credit - @M.Musthafa (Pinterest) 

Allie Veall