Mindful Eating

My philosophy to becoming a mindful eater!

Is to be a mindful eater. When we are mindful about eating we are aware and conscious about if we are hungry or not, and what foods we are craving. More often than not when we are not mindful about eating we can get stomach pains, headaches and our guts can feel out of whack. 

A few of my tips to becoming a more empowered eater are... 

  • Try to avoid processed and packaged foods 
  • Always ensure that you are seated and present when eating
  • Avoid eating on the go - this includes at the refrigerator
  • Set aside 10 - 15 mins for breakfast, lunch and dinner to ensure that you properly digest your food
  • Try to avoid snacking from the cupboard and fridge
  • Don’t confuse hunger with boardroom, if you are bored have a glass of water 

The biggest question I always ask myself if, "how is the food I am about to eat going to nourish my body" - and if your not sure then maybe choose another option. 





Photo Creidt - www.favim.com 

Allie Veall