How to be a mindful eater at Christmas

It can be all too easy at this time of year to overindulge on a few too many glasses of wine or perhaps a few too many mince pies and yummy treats.

With the festive season upon us we need to become even more aware of our actions and what we are choosing to consume. The biggest piece of advice I have given to all my clients this year is to remember that “what you put in you get out” this applies to all areas of life, but most importantly to our bodies.

Becoming mindfully aware of what you are putting into your bodies simply means being conscious of what you are consuming. Our bodies thrive on balance and when we consume food groups that we don’t usually eat it can throw our whole digestive system and can often leave us feeling sluggish and bloated.

My five tips for being mindful eating this Christmas:

  • Have a large glass of water before each meal.

  • Take three mindful breaths before eating.

  • Eat during meal times and avoid eating on the go and from the cupboard.

  • Adding a few drops of apple cider vinegar to your water bottle. ACV assists in flushing out the digestive tract.

  • Between alcoholic beverages opt for a glass of mineral water with a squeeze of lemon.

Being a mindful eater doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the yummy treats at Christmas time it just simply means to become conscious about what you are choosing to put into your body and the quantity you are eating.

Allie Veall