Energy Toolkit

The amount of energy within each of us is completely controllable. The human body has basic needs for energy production and when we neglect these needs it can hinder the amount of energy that we may possess, which can ultimately cause us to feel sluggish, tired and grumpy. 

Habits are the key to success and to ensure that we honour and cherish our bodies it is vital that we check in, and make sure that we are doing everything we can to boost our energy on a day to day basis. 



Water - ensure that you are keeping hydrated throughout the day, and drinking between 2.5 - 3 litres of water. 

Eat - Whole foods which are nourishing and full of vitamins and minerals, it is important to remember that 70% of the way we feel is a direct result of the foods we consume. So, steer clear from processed and artificial food groups. 

Move - get the blood in your body pumping, and ensure that you are involved in some form of physical activity each day, it might be a walk, run, cardio class, yoga.

Sleep - is vital for the recovery of our bodies. Try to ensure that you are getting at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night. 

Pause - each day can be full on with phone calls, meetings, emails and people asking you lots of questions. Within this time, it doesn't allow our mind or body to stop and therefore it is important throughout the day just to switch off for 5 mins to allow your mind to catch up and reset. This will not only allow you to feel calmer but will also boost your productivity and creativity. 

Attitude - having a positive attitude gives us energy, so whenever you are faced with a difficult or negative situation always try and re centre your thoughts and think how you can deal with it positively.  


The amount of energy that each of us possess is completely in our control, so if you’re looking at boosting your energy levels this year, check in with yourself and ensure that you are ticking all the boxes. 



Photo Credit - @thehappypeopleco

Allie Veall