Happy Hormones

As women, our hormones can put our bodies to the test, we can become more emotional, short-tempered and suffer from unforeseen mood swings. 

I often find that every month my hormones will take a dive into the deep end and put my body in overdrive - where I feel run down, emotional and overwhelmed more easily.

6 of my top tips for keeping your hormones in check ... 

1. Eat more red meat before you get your period, boosting your iron levels will give your body the energy it requires

2. Increase your healthy fats and reduce your carbohydrate intake. A few of my favourite healthy fat anti-inflammatory choices include avocados, coconut oil, nuts - almonds & walnuts, grass-fed butter and salmon. 

3. Drink more water, it is essential during your time of the month that you increase your water intake. I recommend drinking 2.75 - 3 L per day.

4. No caffeine, opt for herbal teas, chai tea with almond milk or soy milk. 

5. Slow down - when your hormones are in overdrive it is also a good indication that your body is working overtime. So make time to slow down and take a load off your shoulders. It is important to remember that it is ok to say "NO" you can't be a superwoman every day! 

6. Meditate - make time to disconnect from your busy life and slow down for a few minutes every day. I recommend doing this in the afternoon, or alternatively when you arrive home from work before you have dinner. 



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Allie Veall