5 Ways to Boost Happiness

happiness -  its a feeling, an emotion, and ultimately a state of contentment, enjoy and satisfaction, with what we have in life at a present moment. 

When we allow life to get the better of us we sacrifice our joy and happiness. But let me tell you, it is the single most important element to life, and when we don't embrace our happiness we can lose our sense of self and who we are as an individual. 

When we are happy our productivity levels, energy, creativity and motivation thrive, we glow and grow as an individual. 

So if you feel like you might need a happiness boost, try my top 5 game changes: 

1. Turn up the self care - make more time for yourself 

2. Spend time in Nature - reading a book, going for a walk in the park or on the beach 

3. Listen to your favourite music - turn it up really loud and sign along 

4. Exercise - get the blood pumping and release any tension 

5. Slow Down - reach out to an old friend and organise a catch up, head down to the beach for the weekend and just disconnect to reconnect. 

and most importantly don't forget to smile! 


Photo Credit - @thehappypeopleco

Allie Veall