Sleep Tips & Tricks

Help! I have woken up & can't get back to sleep...

This happens to us all - especially when we might feel slightly overwhelmed in life, stressed at work or jus simply overtired! 

But don't worry with a few simple steps we can ensure that you are back in a relaxed state of mind. My number one tip is don't lie there and start counting sheep -  I recommending getting up and doing something. 

A few things that I often might do if I wake up and can't get back to sleep include:

  • Writing down anything that might be causing you to feel stressed 
  • Talk to someone, about what might be causing you to feel stressed
  • Listen to calming meditation music - headspace and smiling mind are great! 
  • Put your legs against the wall & focusing on deep belly breathing 
  • Warm up a heat pack and put in on your feet in bed 
  • Have a herbal cup of tea 


Note - Prevent turning on many lights and additionally do not check any electronic devices as the light from the screens will only stimulate your mind even more. 


Photo Credit - @pinterest 

Allie Veall