Track Your Period & Take Control

Do you know the length of your menstrual cycle? or what time of the month you are ovulating? I certainly didn't before I started tracking my period. 

My period would simply come and go, I knew nothing about my cycle, and certainly had no idea of the important signs that my cycle could tell me, month in and out. 

For 6 months now I have been using the Natural Cycles App, and as a result, I know more about more about my body than ever before. It's the "contraception app" without any symptoms, and the only certified contraception app in the marketplace - and the best part is that I am not pumping synthetic hormones into my body each month. 

We are all bio individuals and as a result, we all have a completely different cycle, the key is learning about your cycle, how it works. 

How to Track your Period: 

1. Download the Natural Cycles App from the App Store 

2. Set up your account, username and password

3. Measure your temperature every morning before you get out of bed- your temperature tell us so much about our cycle, it can work out when we are about to get our period and when we are ovulating, and your overall hormone levels. 

4. Additional Data - you can input additional data, such as how you are feeling, your weight, mood and emotions. 

5. The app effectively analyses your cycle and calculates whether you are having a red (use protection) or green (safe) day. 

Basically, the digits on your thermometer indicate where in your cycle you are at. No side effects, nothing - it is so simple and empowering. All you need to remember is to take your temperature every morning before you jump out of bed, record it on the app and your all set! 

There are so many App out there, so chose one that works best for you. 

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Allie Veall