Eating Empowered

Eating empowered and mindfuling I find can be a challenge at times. Often I have been caught up in meetings and thus by the time it is ready for lunch or dinner I am starving. It is important that we are fuelling our body regularly during the day so that our body never hits the starving button.

Therefore eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus having two nutrient dense snacks is important. 

I recommend consuming your meals roughly 2 - 3 hours apart 

An example of eating for energy can be found below. Note that as bio individual we will all have a different structure to our eating pattern, however, below is a rough guideline. 

6.30am - Immunity Boosting Tonic (recipes can be found under the recipe tab) 

8.00am - Breakfast 

10.30am - Energy Dense Snack 

12.30pm - Lunch

3.00pm - Energy Dense Snack

6.30pm - Dinner

9pm - Herbal Tea


Always remember that when eating always attempt to eat seated, present and focus. Stilling in silence and using the time to reflect on your day so far is an excellent way to relax more so switch off your phone, and just focus upon chewing, and breathing. It is amazing how much this impacts your digestion, you will feel calmer and more content within yourself. 


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