Tuning into Your Body

When was the last time you really tuned into your body? Listened to its cravings and grumbles. All too often we can push those cravings to the side as we get caught up in “LIFE”, work, socialising, family, and as a result, put ourselves second. 

"Devoting time and energy into taking care of our body is essential to our optimal health and wellbeing, and ultimately our overall happiness."

I used to be a girl who wouldn’t tune into her body. I lived through a strict diet regime, exercised like crazy and disconnected myself from living a life that I loved... which in turn ran my body into the ground leaving me exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed and depressed. Life is about living in the present, loving what you do, waking up each day excited about what the day ahead holds, not strict diet and exercise regimes.  

It is so important that we connect with ourselves and tune into your bodies needs. You are the only person that knows yourself better than anyone else in the world and therefore don’t bind yourself to strict regimes, learn to let go, tune in and listen. DELETE???

Remember that our bodies turn food into energy and our minds have the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Over time you are faced with challenges, address them as opportunities to make choices that could lead to something amazing. 

So let go, tune in and start living a life that you love! 


Photo credit - Pinterest