Secret to Sexy Skin

There is no doubt that beauty is more than just skin deep - it comes from within! While being conscious to use natural, pure, safe and beneficial products on our skin, our overall health and wellness levels are the primary factors contributing to our skin's health today.  

Stress, Anxiety, Hormones and our Nutrition are among the top 4 factors that affect our skin from within. Statistics have shown that increased levels of stress and anxiety will cause redness and break-outs on the skin. While our menstrual cycle also plays a significant role in skin health, one of the main contributing factors is our nutrition and the variety of different foods that we consume. 

My favourite 'Skin foods' that I try to incorporate into my diet on a daily basis include:

1. Water - keeping hydrated is so important for optimal healthy skin. I try and drink at least 2L per day and always try and drink it at room temperature with a slice of lemon. 

2. Berries - from blueberries, raspberries, strawberries to blackberries. I love to eat them fresh from the market in summer, and in winter I love to blend them up in a delicious antioxidant smoothie or acai bowl.

3. Coconut Oil - a favourite ingredient when cooking, substituting it for olive oil. I also love to put a tablespoon into my green smoothie in the morning. 

4. Dark Chocolate - I know it might sound crazy, but yes chocolate is one of the top foods for optimal skin health. The rich in plant compounds and has antioxidant properties that help to hydrate our skin and improve overall circulation in our bodies. 

5. Avocado - Rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, avocado is a perfect 'Skin Food' option. I love to throw ¼ avocado into my smoothie, salad or on the side of my dinner. 

So get your glow on and try incorporating a few of these foods into your daily diet! 


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