Cutting the Sugar

Cutting sugar out of your diet is tricky, and depriving yourself isn't any easier. Life is to be enjoyed, but there are some things we should limit ....and sugar is one of them! I have a rule with myself that unless it is a special occasion I try and cut sugar out of my diet from Monday - Friday and let me tell you the benefits are worth while.  

Sugar only provides you with a small energy burst, spiking your sugar blood levels for a short period. This is why when you eat a sugary snack, it might give you a brief high but can take just 30 mins until you start to feel tired and hungry again. 

A wholesome/energy-dense option will sustain your blood sugar levels and fill you up.

Having healthy pre-made snacks is essential so that you don't risk slipping in to old habits of satisfy our cravings by reaching for an easy unhealthy snack option when busy or on the run. 


Below I have complied 15 of my favourite snack ideas that will hit the spot and satisfy that hungry craving ….

  1. Rice Cakes with Avocado or 1 Tbs Tahini 
  2. Handful of Mixed Nuts & Seeds - Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Walnuts & Seeds
  3. Edamame Beans
  4. Tuna on a Rice Cake
  5. Boiled Egg w/ Cracked Salt and Pepper
  6. Detox Energy Ball (see recipe blog for details)
  7. ¼ C Hummus w/ Carrots & Celery
  8. 50g Greek Yogurt and 4 Strawberries / Raspberries or Blueberries
  9. Roasted Beatroot Chips
  10. Apple &  1TBS Almond Butter
  11. Miso Soup
  12. Celery w/ Smashed Avocado & Salt and Pepper
  13. Lettuce Cup w/ veggies & tahini sauce (1tsp tahini, 1tbs miso paste, juice of ½ lemon, salt & pepper) and toasted almond flakes
  14. ½ banana with 3 TBS Greek Yoghurt & sprinkle of cinnamon & Coconut Flakes
  15. Fresh Green Juice 250ml (Pressed Juice or Green Street Juice Co) 

Being prepared is the key to everything we do and that is why I recommend using your Sunday to roughly plan a few snack options for the week ahead. Eg. mixed nuts in small snap lock bags which you can throw in your bag when running out the door, or a batch of detox energy balls in the fridge.

Preparation is the key to everything, especially when it comes to your diet - and snacks!!