Game Changing Addiction

While this time of year is one of the best, our immune systems can get run down very easily, especially with all those Aperols, tasty treats and late nights.

My five game changing addictions that you need to get obsessed about and throw into your daily routine include: 

1. Drink 2.5L of water per day -  Make a deal with yourself that you make to have drunk 1L before lunch and 1L before dinner, then you can ensure that you can tick that box off before dinner. 

2. Move your body - get active, get outside and get moving! Despite the fact that you might be feeling sluggish after a big night out celebrating with friends or perhaps had a few too many treats at the Christmas party lunch, staying sedentary isn't going to help. Even a walk will do the world of good especially with a few yoga stretches as well. 

3. Immunity Boosting Tonic - My morning ritual tonic, that will kick starts your metabolism, flushes out the toxins and fires up your digestive system, to ensure that you are all ready for the day ahead. I love to enjoy this after my morning exercise routine, just before I jump in the shower. I recommend consuming it roughly 20 mins before breakfast. 

4. Daily Probiotic - taking a probiotic help balance the friendly bacteria in your gut. They contain live bacterias and yeasts that support your digestive system and ensure that your gut flora is balance. I am a great fan of  Bioceutical Probiotic.

* Please note - that if you are considering taking a probiotic I recommending consulting your health care professional to ensure that you purchase the most suitable one for you and your health and wellness goals

5. Green Radiance Smoothie - They say you can never have enough greens in your diet and its deficiently true, I love to start my morning with a green smoothie or juice, it just ensures that you have a good dose of nutrients first thing in the morning. 

So when your feeling like the festive season is catching up with you! Just bring it back to the basics and really tune into body, mentally and physically. 



Photo Credit - 

Allie Veall