THRIVE this Christmas

My six essential tips and tricks for surviving what is known as one of the busiest times of year, and ensuring that you THRIVE and GLOW at every social occasion as well as stay on top of your health and wellness. 

1. RISE WITH THE SUN -  Our bodies not only love routine, but are also very reliant on nature, and therefore are constantly tuning into the environment in which we reside. Therefore getting up when the sun rises is a great way to get a few extra jobs in the morning done, but will also make you feel so much more alive and energetic. 

2. HYDRATE - If water isn't your best friend... it is now, our bodies are made up of 70% water and therefore when not properly hydrated will, like a flower wilt. Aim to drink four glasses of water before lunch and then another three before dinner, and then one after dinner to top it off. Infused waters are also a great way to drink more!

3. MOVE - Get moving early in the morning, try and squeeze in that morning workout before you hit your desk. My favourite HITT routine at the moment is one that you can do at home in 20 mins and is perfect for when you are pressed for time. 

4. SLEEP - Do yourself a favour and hop into bed, if you can a little earlier than usual, we can all feel a bit exhausted at this time of year, and therefore it is even more essential that we stay on top of our sleep to ensure that we don't get run down. I recommend trying to aim for 8 - 9 hours each night. 

5. DITCH THE PACKET - My general rule of thumb in life is that if the packeted food has more than 5 ingredients I won't eat it; additionally I also opt to choose packeted foods, that are natural and don't contain any nasties, like vegetable gums, added preservatives etc.. 

6. ASK THE QUESTION - how is the food that I am about to eat going to support my health and make me glow and thrive? This is a question that this year I have gotten into the habit of asking myself, because if the answer if no, then maybe you should opt for something different. As what we eat and consume directly influences our mood, thoughts and happiness.

So next time you reach for the chip packet ask yourself the question? 

This time of year is so exciting, busy and fun - it is definitely one of my favourite times of year, however, it is important that we aim to stay on top of the essential things that make us feel like we are Thriving and on top of the world - so if you feel like the wheels might be falling off at any point, bring your focus back to these 6 points and regain your focus. 





Allie VeallThriving, Christmas