Centred upon supporting young individuals through their senior years of schooling. Through providing insightful way they can find balance and fulfilment; drive their creativity and productivity on a daily bases, and reduce stress and anxiety.

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A workshop tailored around educating adults about the importance of nutritious and mindful eating; sleep; stress reduction and personal self-care, to ensure that they can thrive, glow and grow on a personal and professional level. 

Throughout the presentation, I touch specifically on eight key areas, which I believe are vital to ensuring balance and happiness in all areas of life. 

 1 - Creating Routine

2 - Eating Empowered

3 - Keeping Hydrated

4 - Exercise Steadily / Regularly

5 - Creating a Workspace Sanctuary

6 - Meditation & Mindfulness

7 - Sleeping

8 - Nurturing Yourself

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A motivational talk centred around empowering young women to love their body, grow body confident and learn about the importance of nutritious eating.

The talk educates women about the distorted reality that the media portrays around body image, and the importance of not allowing it to define your world.

Additionally, the talk gives detailed insight into how to build a positive relationship with yourself from the inside out, the four specific areas, that are discussed include: 

 1 - Eat Empowered

2 - Exercise Steady

3 - Meditate Daily

4 - Nurture Yourself Regularly