P E R S O N A L   T R A I N I N G  


Where Killer workouts meet ispy_inspiration health, wellness and wellbeing. Together Jules and Allie are excited to bring you your ultimate workout experience; its an infusion of HIIT exercise, motivation, mindfulness and nutrition. With Killer workouts to burn off those KGs coupled with personalised nutritional eating plans, tailored to your health and wellness goals.

We as a team, we are centred upon helping you achieve optimal self.  



I am Jules, here at Killer Jules we are serious about helping people achieve their ultimate health and fitness.  

At Killer Jules we care about form, body and mind.   Killer Jules group sessions are fun, tough and result based HIIT training.  

We also work with 1:1 with people to personalise their specific goals.  I have recently had a baby and I specialise in pre and post natal.  




Group Killer Sessions - Each Killer Session is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit workout.  Its 50 minutes of fat burning, strength, toning, cardio and a hell of alot of hard work.  Always ending with Killer Jules's famous arm workout!

Nutritional Consultations - Personalised nutritional and wellbeing consultations centred upon meeting your health and wellness goals. Specialising in nutritional intake, nutrient deficiencies, gut health imbalance, sleep insomnia, anxiety & stress, tiredness and genral lifestyle imbalances. 



Individual Integrative Nutritional Consulatations avaliable for Killer Jules clients: 

Initial Nutritional Consultation (60 mins) - $110.00

Follow Up Consultation (60 mins) - $90.00 


3 Month Consultation Program (10% Off) - $500.00 

+ Initial Consultation (60 mins) 

+ 5 x Follow Up Consultations (60 mins) 

+ Pantry & Organisational Session (1 Hour) 



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