Allie is a Melbourne based Integrative Nutritional Health and Wellness Consultant, motivational speaker and mindfulness advocate.

She holds an Integrative Nutritional Heath Coach qualification from the United States of America and has also completed advanced courses in mindfulness & meditation, positive psychology & psychology in social life; with a special interest in nutrition, sleep and mind-body wellness.

Allie understands the exhaustion and daily stress that is exacerbated in a world that is operating 24 hours a day. Her mission is to provide individuals with strategies, rituals and tools that will boost innovation and productivity, reduce stress and create more space in everyday life.

Trained in over 100 dietary and lifestyle coaching techniques, she is centred upon helping individuals discover what will bring them optimal health and wellbeing and what might be holding them back.

She is a strong advocate of bio-individuality and therefore will work personally with each individual to tailor lifestyle and health programs subsequent to a mutual understanding with the patient.

In addition, Allie has attended international conferences in the United Kingdom and is dedicated to constant up-skilling and the discovery of new techniques that work efficiently and with longevity, to stay at the forefront of the health and wellness industry.


Food philosophy

  1. Eat real nourishing, wholesome foods

  2. Mostly plant based

  3. In season organic produce

  4. Eat a rainbow everyday

  5. Keep it simple

  6. Treat yourself, never, deprive yourself

Life philosophy

  • Early to bed, early to rise

  • Eat nourishing wholefoods

  • Exercise often

  • Smile always

  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you and bring out the best in you

  • Don’t be scared to break out of routine - Treat yourself & have rest days

  • Listen to your body

  • & always always believe in yourself