10 Ways to Recharge & Relax

In need of a little extra self-care and self-love?

So often sacrifice our self-care routine, especially when life takes over. However, the importance of looking after ourselves especially in winter is vital to our overall health and happiness. 


10 Ways to Recharge & Relax 

1. Take an Epsom Salt Bath 

2. Go to a Yoga Class 

3. Meet a close friend for a walk and fresh juice 

4. Buy your favourite magazine and hop into bed early to read it 

5. Turn off your social media notifications 

6. Make time for 10 mindful minutes per day (mindful walking, meditation, breathing exercises) 

7. Have a warm shower before bed & do some yoga stretches 

8. Make sure your in bed by 9.30pm 

9. Take time to walk in nature - head down to the beach or countryside 

10. Cook a nourishing meal, from one of your favourite cookbooks. 



Allie Veall