Importance of Daily Non Negotiable's

How do you prime yourself every day?

The key to a happy and healthy life is one that is balanced and fulfilled. How we prime ourselves each morning plays a significant role in our overall happiness and stress levels.

I strongly believe in having a morning routine, a set of non-negotiable activities that we practice every day. This can be as simple of a 4 step process that just allows you to have some form of rhythm which sets your mind and body up for the activities and meetings that are to come.  

We are all bio individuals and therefore what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next its about tailoring a routine that works for you personally. Below is an insight to how I personally prime myself each morning and a few other suggestions that you may like to consider. 

6.00am - Wake Up & Glass of Water 

6.15am - Exercise (HITT Cuircut Training or Running) 

7.00am - Shower 

7.30am - 10 Min Meditation (Meditation Apps) 

8.00am - Nourishing Breakfast & News 


Other activities that you may like to consider are: 

- Yoga Class / Walk Around the Block 

- Morning Stretches 

- Longer Morning Meditation Practice 

- Journalling 


The biggest piece of advice I can give to you is attempting to wake up at a set time each morning. This allows the body to get into a stable rhythm. If you are an individual who is often rushing around in the morning frantically, I recommend get up 30min earlier and give yourself the time and headspace to prepare for the day ahead. 

Additionally moving your body before work in the morning is vital; even if it is a quick jog around the block, a few stretches, deep squats & lunges is better than nothing at all. It is important to get the endorphins pumping through your body and allow your mind and body to properly wake up. 

But most importantly remember that this is your morning routine, so choose 4 set activites that work best for you personally. 



Photo Credit: @kinfolk

Allie Veall