Mastering Your Stress Levels

Managing your stress levels can at times be a challenge, especially when our work load starts to pile up and deadlines draw near. Stress effects all areas of our life including our relationships, productivity levels, gut health and mental state. But rest assure there are some easy quick fixes that we can implement into our daily life to get our stress levels back under control within minutes. 

My quick stress release fixes include: 

1. Write down a list of tasks that you need to complete in order of priority. 

2. Schedule 15 mins in the afternoon to take a walk outside of the office in fresh air, to clear your mind. 

3. Turn off your social media notifications - instagram, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat. They can wait until later, you don't need the extra distraction during the day. 

4. Ensure that your are staying physically active - book yourself into a yoga class, HITT class or pilates class on a Sunday night, so that you have something to look forward to. 

5. Learn to say NO. You can't do everything, your only human. 

6. Meditate Daily - 10 mins a days just to get your breathing under control and allow your mind to unwind and re set. 

7. Turn off the tabs on your laptop screen. Multi tasking is great, but when you are stressed it can become ineffective and detrimental to your work quality. So just have one tab open, and concentrate on that before starting a new task.

8. Keep hydrated, remember that our bodies are made up of 75% water and without proper hydration your mind cannot function to its optimal capacity. Aim to drink 2 - 3L of water per day. 


And most importantly don't forget to breath, just simple close your eye and take 4 deep breaths, open your eyes and start again. 


Photo Credit - 

Allie Veall