A Mindful State of Mind

Ever feel like you are constantly running frantically from one location to another, your mind is flooded and you feel like you are slightly losing control? 

I know I sometimes do! And when this happens we more often than not spiralling into a state of stress and anxiety where we can feel overwhelmed and can't function to the best of our ability. 

Techniques that I use to have a more mindful state of mind is through... 

1. STOP Technique - This is where I just stop what I am doing, take 5 mindful deep belly breaths, relax my shoulders and then reopen my eyes and draw my focus back to what I was completing. 

2. Turn Off the Tabs - How often are you working with 5+ tabs on your computer open? Multi-tasking can be great, but sometimes it doesn't make us focus directly on the task that we need to get done. Try and just focus on one activity at a time rather than trying to complete 5 at the same time. 

3. Write a To-Do List & Schedule - In the morning when you get to work write down exactly all the tasks that you need to complete at work that day, and schedule them into your day, dedicating a certain amount of time to each. This will drive your productivity, and allow you to see where you are dedicating your time. 

4. Be Mindful to Schedule and set a specific amount of time to step out of the office and eat your lunch away from your desk. Even if it means that you have to spend an extra 20 mins at the end of the day staying behind and finishing off tasks, it is important to clear your mind and just switch off. 

5. Switch your Social Media Channels Off - While it is great to be connected, App such as Instagram, Facebook, Whats App, and Snapchat can consume us and draw our attention away from other work tasks. I recommend turning your notifications off so that they don't distract you at work. 

6. Drink Up - Our bodies are made up of 75% water and when we are not consuming enough fluid it can cause us to have headaches, and brain fog. So fill up your water bottle and aim to drink it before lunch and another bottle after lunch. 



Photo Credit:  @hannahargyle

Allie Veall