Instructional Meditation Apps

Meditation is the art of focusing 100% of your attention in one area and not allowing your mind to drift off to other concepts and thoughts. The practice of meditation comes with numerous benefits including increased concentration levels, decreasing anxiety and maintaining a general feeling of happiness. 

I find that meditating and trying to switch off my mind can at times be a challenge, however, my top three meditation apps that I love are Smiling Mind, Headspace and Buddhify. These can be purchased in the App Store of your smartphone. 


Smiling Mind (

Smiling mind is a non-for-profit web and app-based meditation program that has been developed by psychologists and educators, to help bring mindfulness to your everyday life.


Headspace (

Is a guided meditation and mindfulness app to make meditating easy and simple.


Buddhify (

Helping people around the world, reduce stress and anxiety, get a better night’s sleep, and be more present in their day to day life.






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Allie Veall