Organisation is Key to Productivity #HUSTEL

Organisation is the key to productivity. 

Getting organised can be overwhelming and daunting, don't worry we have all been there. However, it is also one of the most empowering things you can do for your personal health and wellbeing as well as your professional life. 

So how do you get organised? A few of my simple take-home tips...

  • Get a functional calendar up and running, I love the iCloud calendar, as you can create different subjects (eg. Personal,  Appointments, Work, Meetings, Kids etc) This colour coding system can make looking at your life in a much more organised. 


  • Schedule all important dates into your calendar - eg. pay car insurance, update car registration, pay health insurance, etc... 


  • Get your personal document sorted into folders and files
    • Personal Documents Folder - Health Care, Doctors, Car Information, Insurance 
    • Banking - Personal, Savings, Home, Shares, Tax, Superannuation 
    • Bills - Home, Personal, Pet - Dog / Cat 


  • Buy a NoteBook to keep in your handbag with a pen so that you can write down information and notes when needed on the go


  • Organise your folders on your laptop at home and at work to ensure that they are all super organised! Filing system is vital to productivity 


Good Luck! 




PhotoCredit - @pennyscallendesign

Allie Veall