Eating Guide for Holidays

It can be so easy to let your guard down on holidays, and in all honestly that is what holidays are all about. Below I share with you my go to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that I love to enjoy when I am on holidays 


- Fresh Fruit w/ greek yogurt & nuts and seeds 

- Poached Egg on GF toast w/ spinach & tomatoes 

- GF Muesli w/ Greek Yogurt and fresh strawberries & blueberries 

- Acai Bowl 


Lunch / Dinner

Basically any fresh salad and seafood option ....

- Green Salad w/ protein (chicken, fish, chickpeas, lentils, seafood) 

- Quinoa Salads w/ roasted vegetables & protein 

- Greek Salads 

- Steamed Fish w/ Vegetables 

I also love to enjoy risottos & pasta on holidays which are a treat and something that I don't have everyday!  



- Fresh Juices 

- Corn Chips & Carrot w/ Beetroot Dip 

- Roasted Chickpeas (The Healthy Snack Co) 

- Sweet potato chips 

- Chopped Vegetables w/ Hummus 

-  Almond & Dark Chocolate Bar (The Bar Counter)  

- Rice Cakes w/ Almond Butter 

- Rice Cakes w/ Hummus & Fresh Tomato 

- Apple & Peanut Butter 


Remember that a healthy lifestyle is about balance so don't forget to have a little ice cream, and a cocktail, because life is about having fun and not restricting yourself too much! 


Allie Veall