Staying Healthy on Holidays

Maintaining healthy eating pattens while you are on holiday can be hard. Lots of people ask “how do you stay healthy on holidays?” and I reply with I don’t usually break out of routine to much apart from the occasional treat here and there. 

5 tips for staying healthy on holidays include: 

  • Keep it Clean - simple is always best, avoid deep fried foods and food high in saturated and trans fats. As an example opt for the grilled option with a delicious dark green leaf salad, or  sober instead of ice cream. 


  • Drink Up - Keeping hydrated is key, so grab that water bottle and make sure you are consuming 1.5 - 2 Liters per day. 


  • Embrace Culture - Embrace the culture that you are surrounded in, and eat like the locals do. 


  • Walk Walk Walk - Walk everywhere! Keep that blood flowing through your body.


  • Sleep Deep - Make sure you are still getting 8+ of sleep each night, it will ensure that you wake up fretting refresh and ready for the next day ahead. 


And most importantly don’t forget to treat yourself!  

Happy Holidaying!