Epic Podcasts

In need of a bit of juicy goodness and inspo?  below are my favourite podcasts that I couldn't live without, they inspire, and expand my knowledge and insight every week: 

  • The Melissa Ambrosinni Show - Hosted by Melissa, best selling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl.  Each week Melissa gets up close and personal with thought leaders for around the globe to uncover the habits, mindsets, tools and rituals that they have used to become world class.


  • The Good Life - Jonathan Fields best selling author of The Good Life and is one of the most  insightful guys on this planet. Tune in and listen to the tools and rituals that Jonathan believes are essential to making your life amazing. 


  • Bulletproof Radio - with Dave Asprey, creator and founder of the bulletproof diet, he believes that the bulletproofit lifestyle will supercharge your body, and upgrade your brain. Every week he dives deep into sharing insight for living the bulletproof life, as wells as his trips and tricks for increasing your brain function and overall health and wellbeing



Photocredit - Pinterest