Importance of Having a Safe Haven

They say that salt water heals the body in more ways then humanly possible! and it is completely true. The sea air, salt, and the endless ocean is my safe haven, a place where I feel safe and secure. A place where nobody can reach me. 

Today we live in a society where we are working 24 hours basically around the clock, sometimes we do just need to tune out, switch off our phones, empty our minds and tuned in to the world around us. 

We must disconnect to be able to reconnect

 it is essential for our mind-body wellness

So where is your safe haven? 

Maybe its the ocean, the country, gardens, long walks, cooking, or watching a movie with a girlfriend. Whatever it is, make sure that you enter into this safe haven and hub at least once every two weeks. The importance of disconnecting is so important, as it really allows you to relax and be present. 

Today write down your safe haven and schedule into your diary an afternoon that is dedicated to being present in your safe haven - and allow yourself to be immersed in this sanctuary of stillness,  relaxation and calmness. 



Photo Credit - Pinterest


Allie Veall