Morning Rituals

I believe that having a set of morning rituals will literally transform your life, you will feel more organised, action orientated and energised, making you ready to take on the day and everything that it has to offer. 

There is no doubt that in today's modern society we are constantly trying to juggle a number of commitments from exercise, work, socialising and keeping on top of our personal needs. This is why I believe that having a set of morning rituals is so beneficial as it keeps you in check and also brings an element of balance and routine to those days that can be extremely busy. 

The 5-morning rituals that I swear by include - 

  • Glass of Water 

I also like to have a glass of water initially when I wake up, I find that its a great way to wake up the body and flush out my system, getting in ready to start the day. 

  • Move your Body 

In the morning I love to move my body in some way, shape or form for approximately 45mins. I usually start with some stretching on my bedroom floor before I either head to the gym for a cardio session or embark on my run along the Yarra River. I like to do a different form of exercise each day so I alternate between running and cardio each day, and always have a rest day on Sunday, where I love to go instead for a long walk and soy chai latte. 

  • My Morning Cleanse - Metabolic Drink 

Without fail every day, I have my metabolic drink, which I believe cleanses and kick starts my metabolism for the day. I keep it really simple with 200ml of warm water, 1tsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 squeeze of lemon, 2 slices of fresh ginger, 1/2 tsp of Raw Honey. I like to have this 20 mins prior to having my breakfast

  • Cold Shower 

Cold / Lukewarm water shower is perfect, especially after your morning exercise. 

  • Breakfast 

Eating a nutrition and energy dense breakfast is so important in the morning and especially important if you have exercised. A good source of protein is essential in order to stabilise your energy levels throughout the morning and ensure that you are on top of your game throughout the day. 

  • Set 5 Goals for the Day

Sheather your on the train or tram on your way to work on sitting eating breakfast, I always like to take a few mindful moments to think about the things that I want to achieve through the day - I also like to write a To Do List at the start of every day and cross off things once they are complete. I find that this makes me feel like I am achieving things and gets me more motivated through the day. 

I find that having morning rituals really sets me up for the day as by 9 am when I sit at my desk I feel calm, relaxed and organised. This week I encourage you to set 5 rituals you could follow in the morning, I promise you will feel like you are more organised and action orientated for your day! 



Photo Credit - @pinterest