Super Smoothie Blends for Summer

I LOVE having  a smoothie for breakfast, lunch or a snack, they are so easy to digest, and are packed full with vital nutrients that you need to get you though the day. A few of my favourites that you can make at home include:

Fail Safe Green Smoothie:

300ml coconut water or water
1 frozen banana
juice of 1/2 small lemon
big handful of baby spinach
1 small or half big apple cored and chopped
1 dessert spoon chia seeds


Smooth Energy:

250ml Coconut Water
1 Banana
1C Pineapple
1C Spinach
1/4 Avocado
1/2 juice of a small lime


Berry Nice Skin “Glow”:

250ml Coconut Water
1/4 Blueberries
1/4 Raspberries
1/4 Strawberries
1 small banana 
1 small apple


Green Worrier:

250ml Coconut Water
1/2 spinach
1 small cucumber
1 juice of a small lime
1 small apple
1/2 mango


The Frosty Fruit:

250ml Coconut Water
1C Pineapple
1 Apple
1 Mango

All Smoothies generally serve between 2 - 3 people. I often make one and pop the left overs in the fridge and drink it either when I get home from work or the next day.

I would make sure you consume them, however, within a 24 hours period. 




PhotoCredit - @vitamiz_au 

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