20 Min Power Work Out

Christmas can be one of the most chaotic times of the year, however, that doesn't mean we can let our exercise regime slip by.

It is really important that we keep our bodies moving, this 20min power workout is designed so that you can do it at home... meaning there are no excuses. 


1 min skipping or sprinting on the spot 

x 25 Jumping Squats (or just normal squats) 

x 25 Push Ups

x 25 Lungs (each leg) 

x 25 Mountain Climbers 

x 25 Straight Leg Sit Up 

x 10 Burpees 

1 Min Wall Sit (raising your hands above your head) 


Repeat x3 Times with a 45-second rest between each set 

I found that when working out it is great to listen to some upbeat music, you can find my favourite HITT music on Spotify under Allie Veall --> HITT Workout Music 


Photo Credit - @varley  


Allie Veall