5 Things you can do for your Wellbeing!

When life feels like it is slightly getting out of control it is essential that we bring it back to the basics. Personally I feel that if I focus upon a few essential wellbeing elements my mindset, stress levels and brain over load clears and I am able to return to a state of peace and optimal wellbeing. 

5 things that you can do right now for your wellbeing, health & happiness! 

1. Drink more water. Fill up your water bottle and add some mint and lemon for an extra hit of vitamins and flavour. Aim to drink 2.5 -3L each day

2. Eat a nourishing whole food meals, try to eat nothing necessary out of a packet, so opt for fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. And follow my general rule of thumb which is if it has more than 5 ingredients in the packet it is not for me!

3. At 3pm enter a stress free zone where your can just catch your breath (take a few deep breaths), write down anything that you still might need to get done for the day and work out how best to tackle the last tasks of the day, keeping in mind that somethings can be done tomorrow. Have a glass of water and a nutrient dense snack - apple & almond butter, protein ball, boiled egg etc.. 

4. Leave work on time, and make time for a walk, jog or exercise class, to realease endorphins and any extra stress that you might be holding on to after your busy day.

5. Go to bed 30 mins earlier, a restful nights sleep is essential to your health and overall wellbeing.

I find that when I follow these simple steps I can regain control not only over my wellbeing but also my health, mindset and general happiness.


Photo Credit - Green Street Juice Co. 

Allie Veall