8 Steps to Your Best Morning Yet

Before you read this I want you to close your eyes, breath deeply and relax, take 2 mins just to think about nothing, focus on your breath and notice the rise and fall of your chest, and the softness in your eyes. 

Notice how you feel, think about a happy, safe, warm place and just rest their for 2 mins

Everyday, we rush around, the alarm frantically goes off at 6.30am and we all jump out of bed, feeling slightly lethargic, get in the shower, get dress, grab breakfast and race out the door - can you relate? 

I used to remember this feeling all to well… and for many of us it is all far too familiar.  

When was the last time you woke up naturally on a weekday, had time to relax, read the newspaper, emails, and eat breakfast at a table? 

I now I have learnt to jump out of bed in the morning feeling energised, have time for a walk or run, breakfast, shower and check my emails before work at 9am

and you too can do the same with afew simple morning step that I live and swear by …. 

6.30am - Alarm, Glass of water, washing your face

6.45am - Throw your exercise gear on and embark on a 30min run or walk, this allows the body to wake up and feel alive, equally allows the blood to get pumping around the body, switching your brain on so that you can ensure that by the time you hit the desk you are all ready to go

7.15am -Another Glass

7.20am - Shower, get dressed, warm glass of water with lemon juice to kick start the metabolism

7.45am - Check emails, read the newspaper, I just skim through The Age and The Australian online just to that you feel up to date with what is happening in the world, equally you can switch on the TV if you would prefer. 

8am - Breakfast - make sure you mix protein with healthy fats to ensure sustainably until your morning coffee at 11am 

A few breakfast favourites of mine

  • Porridge 30g, Bio Dynamic Yogurt and 1/2 banana 
  • 2 Scrambled eggs, salt & pepper with spinach and parsley 
  • 1/2 Avocado on GF Toast with a squeeze of Lemon 
  • Smoothie - 250ml almond milk, 1 ripe banana, 1 date & handful of spinach 


8.20am - pack my bag ready for work, key essentials include:

  • Lunch, remember to keep it simple, healthy and clean with a source of protein. 
  • Snacks to keep you going through the day a few great ones are an apple, almonds, carrot and hummus, a Pressed Juice or Emma and Tom Juice.  
  • Bottle of Water 


8.30am - Out the door to work

9am - At work ready to go

So all before 9am you have done exercise, read your emails, newspaper, eaten breakfast, packed lunch and had 3 glasses of wate 

This is just a very rough guide, of how to ensure you start your day well, and for every individual your mornings will be slightly different. but I put you to the challenge of giving it a go and seeing how you feel - trust me you will never look back and you will feel AMAZING!



Photo Credit - Kikki K

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