Summer Skin Cleanse

With this gorgeous summer weather in full swing, it can make our bodies sweat more than usual and therefore it is essential that we cleanse and exfoliate our skin exceptionally well. 

Keeping hydrated is a must, while there are myths to say that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not always necessary it is extremely important for the overall functioning of our system and is fantastic for the health of your skin. 

A very simply daily cleansing routine is always the best option, as when you introduce too many different products it can create outbreaks and redness on our skin. I personally love using the Aesop products as I find that there plant-based and laboratory made ingratiates are free from the added chemicals that so many skin products are filled with these days

As for exfoliating, I prefer to use my own homemade exfoliant as this way I can ensure that I am not using too many chemicals on my skin. I use a coconut oil based exfoliant, as coconut oil naturally nourishes and hydrates your skin by replenishing the oils of your natural skin and will honestly leave your skin feeling so soft and healthy. 

When moisturising the body always try to use a milk moisturiser rather than an oil based moisturiser as the oil base moisturiser sits on the top of the skin rather than being absorbed into the skin. 

SkinCare Essentials: 

Cetaphil Face Cleanse - morning & night


Aesop Products: 

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner (100ml $39.00) 

An antioxidant-rich toner for all skin types, inducing dry and sensitive. 

Mandarine Facial Hydrating Cream (60ml $49.00)

A lightweight, citrus oil-infused moisturising cream for normal or combination skin 

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm 75ml ($29.00)

A rich really absorbed monitoring balm for labour-wearied hands and cuticles 


Coconut Oil Exfoliant: 

1C Coconut Oil 

1C Brown Sugar or Sea Salt 

1tbs Lemon Juice 



Nivea Body Lotion Rich Firming 


Photo Credit - @zoestenmark